Finding your way back after business failure

Finding your way back after business failure

Repair your jewellery and project the image you want

Brittany Washington

The right piece of jewellery can set off the most ordinary outfit. Jewellery adds that all-important extra sparkle to your appearance and attracts the attention of all who see you. One of the most important aspects of jewellery is its personal nature. What is right for another person will not necessarily suit you or the image you want to project; this is why finding exactly the right piece of jewellery is so important. It can take many hours of searching to track down the perfect piece of jewellery that really expresses your personality. It is this personal aspect of jewellery that makes it such a problem when your jewellery becomes damaged so you can no longer wear it.

Why jewellery repair makes sense

All jewellery will eventually wear out. Perhaps the clasp will break, or the stones will come loose and need to be reset. When you can't wear your jewellery anymore, you could go out and purchase a new item, but that will be time consuming, and your new piece may not have the same sentimental value as the original jewellery. A better solution is to look for a jewellery repair shop and arrange for them to fix your old jewellery.

Look for a skilled repairman

Your jewellery has a financial value, but it also has a sentimental value. You don't want to entrust your valuables to someone unless you are absolutely sure that they have the skills to complete the job to a high standard and return your jewellery to you in sparkling, as-new condition. Before you agree to hand over your piece, you should talk to the jewellery repairer and satisfy yourself that they have the right level of experience to complete the repair. If you have any doubts, then ask to see examples of work which they have completed in the past.

Agree the length of time the repair will take

Sometimes if your jewellery needs only a minor repair, it may be possible to have the repair completed while you wait, but for more extensive repairs, such as ring resizing, necklace restringing, or stone resetting, you will probably need to leave the jewellery with the shop. Before leaving the shop, you must find out how long the shop will need to keep the piece. If you want to wear the jewellery in a week, but the jewellery repair will take ten days, then you will need to find a less busy shop or make alternative arrangements. You can avoid the stress and disappointment by checking the repair time with the shop when you take the jewellery to them.


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Finding your way back after business failure

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