Finding your way back after business failure

Finding your way back after business failure

Property Development: Should You Perform Land Surveying before Your Project?

Brittany Washington

If you are planning on developing your property, it is important to understand the lay of the land before commencing the project. Often, property owners begin construction of commercial and residential buildings or industrial structures before having an accurate comprehension of their plot. This oversight leads to inefficiencies in design, legal problems and unnecessary financial losses. If you would like to avoid these problems during land development, you should consider having your engineering consultant perform land surveying. Here are the critical reasons for proper survey prior to construction or land remodelling.

Understanding the Property Potential

Numerous tracts of land are developed without the realisation of their full potential. In simple terms, the owners do not take full advantage of the plots, which means that the benefits reaped after construction or other form of remodelling are decreased. When you hire an expert for surveying, they will look at the size, shape and placement of the property as well as the local zoning rules and council planning regulation. They will advise you on the best application of the land and provide suggestions on building design for maximum financial gains.

Confirming Boundary Placement

Boundaries are not always obvious in their placement. Sometimes, the obvious land markers which indicate the margins of an undeveloped plot will be lost. If you estimate the position of your property and start immediate development, you could experience significant setbacks in the future. You might build on the neighbour's land, and the owner could demand compensation or return of their patch of ground. Also, you could lose some construction space if you assume that your property is smaller than the actual plot. By hiring a civil engineer for survey, you will confirm the position of your boundaries, allowing you to develop without fear.

Knowing Property Value

If you are planning on selling the land after development or using it for other commercial purposes, you should engage a consultant for comprehensive surveys. The information provided will help you understand the property value before proceeding with the project. If your land was overvalued or undervalued, you will discover the full truth through an evaluation of the landscape, topography and other land details. Consequently, you will choose the best development plan for maximum benefits.

When you hire an engineering consulting firm for professional land surveying, you will avoid numerous pre-development and post-construction problems. Moreover, your selected civil engineering expert can provide other services, including property design and project management.


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Finding your way back after business failure

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