Finding your way back after business failure

Finding your way back after business failure

Top 3 Environmental Benefits of Making Recycling Bins from Recyclable Waste Material

Brittany Washington

Recyclable waste is meant to go into recycling bins, but have you ever wondered which material is used to make the bins themselves? All of the different types of materials used to manufacture recycling bins fall into one of two main categories — virgin materials and recycled material. Virgin materials refer to previously unused or unprocessed materials, while recycled materials are those that have been used before and still have reuse potential. 

If you are contemplating hiring recycling bins for your rubbish removal project, you should know that using recyclable bins offers a number of distinct environmental advantages over using bins made from previously unused materials. Here is a look at some of those unique advantages. 

They minimise habitat destruction

Planet Earth has a fixed supply of land, which accommodates all people, as well as land animals and plants. Extraction of virgin materials through human activities, such as downing of trees, mining, quarrying, can lead to destruction of vital natural habitats, even if the process is properly controlled. 

Using recyclable bins reduces the need to clear forests and operate heavy construction machinery at various mining sites and quarries. This helps minimise activities that have a ruinous effect on land.

They save energy

As energy resources become depleted, saving energy is becoming increasingly important. Manufacture of from-scratch recycling bins requires a lot more energy than manufacture of recyclable recycling bins. From relying on heavy machinery to extract virgin materials from land, to transporting the materials to a processing plant, to processing of the materials into bins, there is no denying that from-scratch manufacture of bins is a highly energy-intensive process. 

The manufacture of recycling bins from recycled materials, on the other hand, only demands a fraction of the total amount of energy used to make from-scratch recycling bins. This is because energy is only required to recycle already processed material. 

They minimises greenhouse gas emissions

Aside from saving energy, recycled recycling bin manufacturing also minimises emission of greenhouse gases, which is vital to combatting global climate change. By eliminating the need to extract virgin materials and transport them to a manufacturing plant for processing, manufacturing of recycling bins from recyclable material significantly reduce the release of exhaust emissions that contribute to climate change. 

Clearly, the manufacture of recycling bins from recycled materials has far-reaching environmental advantages. You can play your part in supporting the sector by using recyclable bins for your waste removal. 


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Finding your way back after business failure

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