Finding your way back after business failure

Finding your way back after business failure

Agricultural Operations: Practical Planning Tips for a Drip Irrigation System

Brittany Washington

If you are planning on installing an irrigation system on your farm, you should think about choosing a drip irrigation system. This type of watering system will improve the health of your crops through the efficient delivery of water to the plant roots. In addition, the setup will minimise your water usage in comparison to sprinklers because water is not wasted through surface evaporation. Here are practical tips to help you plan your drip irrigation system.

Consider the Water Quality

You should evaluate the quality of water when planning your drip irrigation system for your agricultural operation. It is important to understand the status of the water to avoid problems which might arise from poor quality. For example, if you are planning on using pond water for the irrigation, you must know how to deal with the particles in the water. If the dirty water flows directly to the outlet, the irrigation system might experience blockages. Therefore, you will need to consider adding a filtration component for ideal results.

Plan for Long-term Watering

You should ensure that your drip irrigation system and the connected components have the capability to supply sufficient water for the long-term growth of your crops. In simple terms, you should not only plan for the early growth of your plants. As crops grow, they will demand more water. It is important to purchase a drip system which can provide optimal water delivery as the crops mature. You should note that the flow of water can be affected by the source. Therefore, you should plan for a consistent water supply.

Think about Expansion

You should design an irrigation system which will allow for expansion. Simply speaking, you should plan for the installation of a drip watering setup which can be scaled up in the future in case you decide to expand your farming operations. You should remember that an unscaleable system will require complete or extensive remodelling or renovation during an expansion. Therefore, you can save money by ensuring that you will only need to add more distribution pipes during future farm improvements.

Automate Your Drip System

Finally, you should think about automating your drip irrigation system. Irrigation projects in an agricultural setup can be expensive. Automation will provide more control and ensure increased efficiency. When planning for automation, you should consider creating different watering zones for different crops. You can also stagger the water flow based on the pump output. In addition, you can programme the intervals at which the system turns on and off.

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Finding your way back after business failure

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