Finding your way back after business failure

Finding your way back after business failure

Truck mounted attenuators – safety on roads

Brittany Washington

Today truck mounted attenuators are widespread around the world and are used to protect worksites on or beside active roads. They also minimize damages and injuries caused by collision. They simply slow down an impacting vehicle while minimizing any forces that could injure the vehicle occupants. Almost everyone has seen truck mounted attenuators during the road construction works, but not everyone knows the main purposes and requirements of their use.

Why are they so necessary?

Sometimes it is not possible to close the road or deploy temporary safety barriers for protection of workers; that`s when truck mounted attenuators are quite important. They may be deployed as 'barrier' or 'shadow' vehicles depending on the nature of the works. Both federal and state laws require the use of attenuators for roadwork projects, and contract companies will supply you with exactly what you need to comply with the regulations and to ensure the safety of your employees.

When shall they be used?

·         When closing a lane on a four or more lane roadway with a posted speed of 45 mph or greater;

·         On shoulders, ramps and loops of interstate and limited access highways;

·         When a mobile operation occupies all or part of the travel lane on a multi-lane roadway with a posted speed of 45 mph or greater;

·         Other locations where protection is warranted.

Necessary information for operators of TMAs

If you want to become an operator of TMA, you should have following qualifications:

·         Possess a current licence applicable to the vehicle.

·         Completed instruction in the use of TMA fixtures and equipment including passing a practical assessment in being able to operate a TMA.

·         Completed instruction in the operation of the TMA including the roll-ahead distance at various impact speeds and vehicle weights.

·         Completed instruction in the correct operation of the illuminated flashing arrow board when located in and off the operating lanes.

·         Training in Traffic Guidance Schemes

Benefits of use

·         Repair costs are minimized because only damaged cartridge components need to be replaced after a low speed impact.

·         You can be sure that your life is in safety

·         A wide range of different models. Everyone can choose the TMA that suits their needs.

·         Most of TMAs are easy-to-use but they require additional professional training.

·         Motorist Safety is Enhanced. The corrosion resistant aluminium frame is curved and designed in such a way that it provides protection against vehicles impacting the dangerous "Coffin Corner" area at the rear of the traffic control vehicle.

·         The operator can avoid being exposed to traffic because the TMA unit can be raised or lowered from inside the cabin


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Finding your way back after business failure

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